Sunday, February 1, 2009

On A Roll

What a week! I've been so surprised by how great I've been feeling since Madelyn was born, that I figured I better ride the wave. This past week was a good start. I managed to go on three long dogwalks, I did my weightlifting workout twice, and I got my first run in. So far so good on the goals I set out in the last post.

I am particularly excited about starting up the running again. I'm starting back with a "Run 2 Walk 3" ratio, and a distance of 3 miles. This went well yesterday. My average pace, to include all the walking, came to 13:37 minutes per mile. To quote one of my favorite runners: "I'm slow; I know; Get over it!" I am trying very hard not to compare my current running status to what it used to be, but instead I use my past accomplishments as part of my new running mantra. (You know, the thing that uninspired runners mutter under their breath in time with their footsteps to get them through a tough mile... in geekier times I used Shakespeare's sonnets--no joke.) For now, mine goes:
I ran a marathon
I passed a kidney stone
I survived back labor for 30 hours
So this... is... nothing!

Also this week... Jillsie showed a new interest in her potty training and has been wearing underwear (so far without accident) quite often when we are at home. She is enjoying teaching "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to her German classmates, and she is SUCH a good big sister so far. She helps by taking dirty dipes to the trash and by giving Maddie her binky when she fusses.Maddie is already a month old! How on earth this happened so quickly, I have no idea. She is starting to be awake for longer stretches of time during the day, and she is beginning to socialize more. She is trying very hard to smile, which is adorable to watch, and she now weighs over 10 pounds.My wonderful friends, pictured here in their ballgowns, threw a "Welcome Brunch" for Madelyn this week. We celebrated the arrival of our littlest Auerbachian, shared good food and conversation, and, yes, I was showered with gifts. I love you guys! Thank you so much for spoiling the Gutsy Girls! (Haven't uploaded photos from the shower yet, so the ball pic will have to do.)In more "me" news (after all, it is my blog) I sang a duet this week with an awesome baritone. It was a beautiful piece, not technically difficult, but satisfying in harmony and message. It felt SO GOOD to really sing again. Note to self: must do more of this in 2009.

The week is closing out as most do... the Gutsy Dad and I are lounging on the couch during naptime, armed with our laptops, watching "CBS Sunday Morning" news on the TV. We're making lists, comparing calendars, and gearing up for another busy week.

Happy February, everyone!

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Fizi said...

And a Happy February to you too. Enjoy the New Groove and well done on the running. I certainly wouldn't have been up to that so soon after Angus and he was only nine hours of back labour! Well done you.