Thursday, February 19, 2009

Call the Preacher!

One of the things I love about toddlers is that you NEVER KNOW what they are going to say. Zum beispiel:

"I'm going upstairs to play! I'm going to knock myself out!" (The Gutsy Dad and I both use the phrase "knock yourself out, kiddo!" as a term of encouragement.)

This next tidbit was uttered two inches from Madelyn's crying face: "Enough with the Madelyn Drama!" (I'm sure I don't need to tell you who regularly informs Jillson she has had enough of the drama...)

Today's third example is my current favorite though, as it came COMPLETELY out of nowhere. Joss took me and the girls in for dinner last night due to our orphan status, and there we all were hanging out and chatting, while the kiddos ran around. Out of the blue, Jillson walked up to Joss and proclaimed:

"I'm getting married!"
"Really?" we all said. "Who are you going to marry?"
Beaming with pride she replied "LOGAN!" (Who was playing upstairs and therefore spared the embarrassment.)
We all giggled and congratulated her, while she added on:
"And we're going to get lots of presents!"

Seriously. I have no idea how she even knows about such things. None.

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JES said...

Absolutely my favorite laughing point the last several days! And we need good laughing points:) Love ya'