Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting My Groove Back

Loyal readers will know that the whole reason I started this blog, back in good old 2007, was to provide myself with accountability and motivation to dig myself out of a rut. Well, I am not in a rut this time around, but I do find myself ready, again, for the same sort of accountability and motivation as I get back on the fitness bandwagon.

So let me hereby publically state a few goals.

GOAL #1: At least three big dogwalks a week.
To this end, behold the new Chariot: that which enables me to get out of the house with both girls and both dogs and go wherever I want to:

GOAL #2: Start running again.
I can't run with Madelyn in the jogger until she is at least 3 months old, so I'll be getting a babysitter twice a week (and the Gutsy Dad once a week) to watch Madelyn while Jillson naps and I run. This begins on Saturday!

GOAL #3: Strength training twice a week.
Bring it on, Jari! Where's the pump??? RIGHT HERE!

GOAL #4: Committing to self-care.
This can mean any number of things, but for starters, check out my new haircut! I did it myself (long story, sort of) on inauguration day.Speaking of the inauguration, I took these pictures of the girls so that I'll be able to show them where they were when history was made in our country.And these are my inaugural donuts:Finally, the latest installment of "I made this," celebrating Jillsie at 8 months old.


Sherman said...

What's the only thing not to like about the chariot, its contents and the driver out in the snow? Answer: it wil be yet another piece of kinder gear that I will be totally unable to fold up and put in a car or set up in the pick up area of an airport with traffic whizzing by.

Love those donuts. Go Backerei Beck.

Tillie snoozing next to Madelyn is one for the ages. Don't know if we have any pix of Saber racked out next to our second born.

Fizi said...

Love the pics and the chariot looks great! I like the layout for Jillson too. And I heard about the haircut.... Looks good though! Fi

Heather said...

Wow - you look awesome Marg!! You dont even look tired :-)
love, heather

Billie said...

Love your hair...looks amazing!! You look great, too, by the way! And am deeply jealous you and Vicki have chariots. :)