Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gutsy or Just Plain Stupid, You Decide!

For those of you (hi, Jim!) who really miss those New England winters, here are a few pictures that are guaranteed to strike a nostalgic chord. Our neighborhood pond froze the week Madelyn was born, which also happened to be when my hockey-coach father was visiting. I don't need to tell most of you how special it was for me to watch my dad and my husband teach my daughter how to skate. Yes, despite the complete lack of athletic ability possessed by the Gutsy Mom, Jillsie got out on the ice before age 3.

It's either a testament to my good doctors or a testament to my own stupidity that I was out walking around on the ice-covered pond when Maddie was only 6 days old. (I knew better than to put on skates.) But I couldn't miss the opportunity to be out there with the whole family.
Papa, Jillsie, Kiki
Using the Chair with Meme
Stepping Away from the Chair
Wipe Out!
Observation Committee
"Hey, Mommy, Watcha Got in There?"

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Jim said...

Can't believe I hadn't seen this entry, Marg! Love it. Good precedent in many ways. Alas, despite some below-freezing evenings here in NC, I have not seen any outdoor skating in a long time. Glad everyone had fun and avoided injury.