Tuesday, August 19, 2008

There's A Land That I See

It is time.

At the store the other day, Jillsie said this: "Oh, look! Vap-yumes! For Mommy!" She was pointing to an aisle filled with Hoovers and Eurekas and looking at me for approval that she had located one of Mommy's favorite things. "Vap-yumes." Just for me. Great. I'd think it was a fluke, but she also pointed out the vacuum at my friend's house and said "That's for Mommy!"

And so, it is time.

It is time for "Free To Be." Any of you who were raised on this music, as I was, will concur that Carol Channing's "Housework" may be my best ally in de-programming Jillsie's brain. Say it with me, all ye that remember:

"Your mommy hates housework,
Your daddy hates housework..."

Okay, so, granted Jillson has only ever seen me and other moms vacuuming, but it is a bit horrifying to me that her first reaction to seeing a vacuum is a sense of total glee that she has located Mommy's special, coveted item. (Okay, so I do actually adore my vacuum because it kicks some serious butt, and I would feel disloyal not admitting that, but...) My point is: Vacuum = Mommy is a depressing equation.

There's a land that I see...

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Heather said...

One of my all time favorites!
whenever we listen to this I alwasy marvel at just how progressive this was for the 70s. I obviously took most of it to heart, because I rarely vacuum...Charlie however, seems to enjoy vacuuming!