Friday, August 15, 2008

Better Now

Jillson went to sleep last night without making a peep. Obviously, God answered my prayer of desperation. (It went something like this: "Give me a f%$^ing break!" He did.)

Prayers were also answered in the form of a friend (Hi, Darcy!) who called last evening when I was at the end of my rope. She needed out of her house, too. So we made a date. Today, she came over with her lovely daughter Lillian, and we had a grand old time. The girls played, and the moms chatted until lunch. Then, once the girls were napping, we got down to business and scrapped and dished the dirt. A post-nap dogwalk in the rain rounded out our day.

Naptime was a little rough at the start (about 10 minutes of crying), but Jillsie went down for night-night tonight without a peep again. YEEHAW!

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Mom on the Move! said...

I am reading about your binky progress and dreading the day I try to get rid of B's. I just am not convinced it's going to be that smooth (course we are a year past when I said I initially wanted to do it and wimped out cause there was too much other turmoil last Sept) - you are certainly doing all the right things! Way to go mom! I am taking notes...