Saturday, August 16, 2008


Today was Day Four ohne binky. For the first time, Jills settled right down into her nap without crying. And for the third time, she settled right down at bedtime. The only drawback today was that naptime--usually 3 hours long--was only an hour and a half.

A few gems from today:

When we were leaving the house this morning to go to the store, Jillsie, who was headed out the door first (wearing a patchwork sundress, crocs, her backpack--a must for every outing these days--and her ballcap on backwards), turned around and tossed this comment over her shoulder as I was shuffling out the door with my shades and my bag: "Your purse is BYOOOO-d'fall, Mommy!" Then she turned around and sauntered down the driveway.

At bedtime, we were rocking and chatting and she put her hands on my belly. This ensued:

"What's in dere, Mommy?"
"That's the baby in Mommy's belly."
"Is it K-Kerala?"
"No, Kerala was in--"
"--in Vicki's belly!"
"Yes, that's right."
Very pleased with herself. She pats my belly again. "Can I see it?"
"No, you can't see the baby until it comes out of Mommy's belly."
Nodding vigorously. "After Vicki comes home?"
"Yes, after Vicki comes home, and also after Papa comes home. In a long time."
She ponders. I continue.
"In fact, before the baby comes out, Meme and Kiki are coming to visit, too."
Immediate elation. "Yeah! Meme and Kiki! MEME AND KIKI!" She loves them dearly, she can barely contain the anticipation. "AND, AND, WE WILL SHOW THEM MOMMY'S BOOBIES! ABSO-WOOT-LY"

Um. Not quite.

And that's life with a two year old. From the sublime, precious moments to the ridiculous, thanks-for-not-saying-it-in-public ones.

A final thought from me before signing off for the night. I am very proud of myself for having cleaned my kitchen (i.e. done the dishes) every night before bed for almost two weeks. In pondering my before-bed routine and how happy it makes me, I wonder: Is it wrong if my before-bed routine includes remembering to bring my wallet upstairs in case, in the middle of the night, when I am surfing the net thanks to pregnancy insomnia, I need to buy something without getting my preggo a$$ out of bed?


Vicki said...

That's awesome, Denali found the need to discover and discuss the fact that my armpits had poky hairs today. She kept making me lift up my arms to make sure that it didn't magically disappear.

Rachel said...

I just memorized the card comes in very handy, I must say.