Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two Steps!

I cannot believe, even given my pensive mood yesterday, that I forgot to post this immediately.



So here's how it happened. After her afternoon nap, I was getting Jillson and the dogs ready for a walk. Jillsie was standing in the foyer holding onto the BOB with one hand. Then, I looked down, and she was just standing there not holding onto anything. (She's been doing this about every other day now.) This time, she looked happy and confident and as though she was going to stand there for a long time, so I put my hands out to her and said "Come here, Sweetie...", and she did. First the left foot took a step forward, then the right foot. Then she was at my legs and she stopped and held onto them.

Two steps, little girl, good job!

Of course there were no witnesses (the dogs were already leashed up and therefore were staring obsessively at the front door), and there was no camera ready because it all happened so quickly.

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, her first steps at 14+ months, which means I do not have to get an EDIS appointment (developmental screening for babies who do not walk by 15 months). PHEW!

WAY TO GO, JILLSIE! Mommy is proud of you.

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