Tuesday, September 4, 2007

All It Took Was Styrofoam & Enchiladas

It happened, on Sunday. We were all gathered at my friend Josselyn's house for Mexican potluck. Jillson was distracted by all the Styrofoam cups lying around, and was crawling back and forth and all over the place to pick up and chew on any Styrofoam she could find. All of a sudden, surrounded by a bevy of onlookers, she unpropped herself from the coffee table (the better to focus on the eating of the Styrofoam) and was standing unassisted.

The nice thing about being surrounded by a bunch of moms is that they realized right away (perhaps due to my overexcited voice) that this was a first, and my friend Jess grabbed her camera.

We carefully recreated the scene to catch it on film, and after a few rounds of "spaghetti legs" Jillson obliged us all. See the progression to standing, below. First, Mommy offers the Styrofoam cup. Second, Josselyn offers a bite of enchiladas. Third, Natalie lets go!

Please take note of a few details that warm a Mommy's heart:
- Jillson's dress is tucked into her panties to make crawling easier
- Jillson is only wearing one shoe (the way she likes it)
- The contents of a Styrofoam cup are dribbled down the front of Jillson's dress

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