Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Something to Try if You're Really, Really Bored

While Mommy is in the kitchen, cleaning out the tank from the steam cleaner, start by pulling out several boxes of scrapbooking embellishments and spraying them around on the (newly steam-cleaned and therefore damp) floor.Then, crawl over to the back of the empty steam cleaner machine and climb on.Finally, when Mommy comes around the corner to see what you are doing, stand up and grasp the "handle bar" and try to ride the cleaner. Rock the machine a little, as though you are rattling the bars of a cage. Exclaim "aya, ayay, ah!" as if you are saying "giddy up."


Vicki said...

hahaha LOL. Oh man these little girls are going to have sooo much fun getting into trouble with each other. See you Sunday!!!!!!!

Rachel said...

LOL! Looks like she's keeping you busy.

She's so adorable and she has so much personality just like her mom :)