Friday, September 21, 2007

Recent Projects

For a section of my survival guide dedicated to things I love (duh). After taking this picture, I actually redid the title. I removed the pinked letters, mounted them on light green cardstock, cut them out again, and reglued them on the page. They stand out much better; I was just too lazy to take another picture. Getting my hands on a decent latte has been a priority for years; leaving the land of espresso (the pacific northwest) has meant making that decent espresso at home. We acquired this lovely machine during the previous RLBT.
Anyone who has visited has seen me devour one of these. I've written several verses about the dressing alone. This is the opening spread for a section of the survival guide called "The Gift." I will have to explain this separately; it is a long and wonderful story.
While I have been working on paper crafts, Jillsie has had other things on her mind.

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