Friday, August 17, 2012

June in Review, Part Two.

Okay, Mommy, here are the rest of the June highlights, plus the sidebar "Diva" pictures updated at your gentle suggestion.  I love you, Mom.  Thanks for reading my blog!  

And now, 
in no particular order, 
I present to you....

The Rest of June!

Bronwen loves her feet and legs.  Here she is doing her "Jane Fondas" after a nursing session.

The girl in the striped turquoise pants is none other than Jillson Patricia, who discovered a new passion this summer:  tae kwon do.  The YMCA offered this amazing week-long camp.  It was such a success for Jillson that we signed her up for regular tae kwon do lessons for the school year.  More on this later, but suffice to say, she has found a niche.

After a week of ATA camp, Jillson was thrilled to receive permission to "break board."  And break board she did!

A random sighting of the pumpkin fairy baby.  I have no idea which sister put the wings on her (though I have my suspicions) or how long they were on her, but she clearly didn't feel impeded by them.

Monkey toes in action.  When I say this baby likes to use her feet for things, I am not exaggerating.  Here, she is using both feet and one hand to manipulate the keys.  I love her.

Then there's this problem.  Zephie has been sighing and groaning extra loud as if to say "not THIS phase again!" since we've been putting the dishes on the counter.

All dressed up to pick up the Gutsy Dad after he returned from a 7-week business trip.

Family portrait, reunion-style.

Super Dad with all the girls so Mommy can go to choir practice.  (Madelyn's dress was mine.) 

Hilton Head weekend.

Just another night of bedtime routines...  I love everything about this photo.

Madelyn, too, found a niche this summer: gymnastics!  She did a weeklong gymnastics camp and had a blast.  She is signed up for lessons this fall.  Happy Maddie.

A pictures of "the girls" from the ball.  These are some of the most resilient, inspiring, and hilarious women I know. So honored to be among them.

The morning after the ball, we hit the road for Maine or Bust 2012.  Here are the girls, three across.

And here are the other girls.  They were so excited, wiggling around in the back of the car doing the "We made the cut! We made the cut!" dance.

A final favorite from the ball.

Oh yes, Jillson also did a week of ballet camp with her besties.

Family portrait without the Gutsy Dad.  Please note, however, my friend's husband making a creepy face through the window.  Love it!  (Their daughter also appears in the photo--in a totally non-creepy way.)

Be back soon with July, and then I'll finally be able to talk about the NOW.  (There is a reason I swear I will never do catch-up posts.  Feels sort of rushed and weird talking about previous months.)

Love to all,
The GM

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Mom said...

I'm there! Love to cross the miles and days & get another peek at the Gutsy Mom's world. Thank you, sweetheart.