Sunday, August 12, 2012

June in Review, part one.

We spoke briefly (ha ha ha ha) about May a few posts ago, so here goes June. This is the post in which I continue to pretend it's summer, because in fact it actually IS still summer, even though the kids are back in school.  I adore summer.  I also adore Savannah.  But it really messes with my inner-seasonal-time-calendar-thing that school does not start in the Fall here.  Anyhoo.

Back to June and all its fun and in no particular order.  (I will not be talking about the more difficult aspects of June.  With due respect, that's a topic for another post.)

In June, Bronwen turned 9 months.  Behold the one tooth.

June was bookended by special events.  At the end of the month, the Gutsy Dad and I got all dressed up and went to a beautiful ball in downtown Savannah.  We had a total blast; it was a gorgeous night; we were ready for a grown-up night out and we got one.  

At the beginning of the month, a wonderful local non-profit put on an amazing event for wives of people who do what my husband does.

Letter-writing practice:

Audition for crime-scene chalked-out corpse role (from the ongoing Where Maddie Sleeps series):

I heart Box Mania:

That's it for tonight, but don't you worry.  There's plenty more where this total randomness is coming from.  Just you wait!

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