Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where She Sleeps

As I've written before, Madelyn recently went through a phase in which she got up during naptime, snuck around, and did naughty things. (Remember the confectioner's sugar incident? The Nivea? The removal of every single item from the bureau? No? Where've you been?!)

On a much sweeter note, she also went through (and occasionally still revisits) a phase of simply sleeping in different places. It was startling at first. But then, it sort of grew on me. Especially as I started contemplating the thought-process behind each of these special sleep choices.

It started in her room.

She is supposed to sleep in her bed on the bottom bunk, like this:

Small bits of evidence began to appear, evidence that she wasn't just sweetly lying there all nap long, such as the sneaky addition of socks on her hands, below:

Then she got more daring, climbing up to the top bunk to try out her sister's bed.  (I nearly had a heart attack when I went in after naptime that day and couldn't find her.) 

Soon she ventured out onto the floor of her room, making nests out of blankets and books:

This one is my favorite. It is so carefully constructed:

Then things started to get really interesting. On several occasions we found her sleeping in the hall:

Or on the floor in our bedroom (pardon our mess):

Or having made a snuggle nest on Tilly's dogbed! (Please note -- she took the pillow off our bed):

And on several occasions, we have found her tucked in behind the bunkbeds in the kids' dollbed storage area. What, you can't see her in this picture?

Here's a close-up. Yes, she is wedged into a doll-sized pack'n'play.

Same thing, different day:

Back to her own bedroom. While I would certainly award some creativity points here, I was a bit miffed to have to refold all the clothes that normally go in Jillson's bottom drawer:

Finally, and most strangely, we had this:

This is our guest room. She got under the desk, under the chair, and under the rug. Don't ask me how.

The wheels in that charming little brain of hers are ever-turning, I tell you. 

Ever. Turning.

(All photos taken July thru November 2011.)


Lindsey said...

This is hilarious. Whit used to do this, too, during naps and at night: construct a nest of books, toys, animals, and inevitably his sleeping bag, on the floor. Sometimes he'd be in costume, too (my favorite: wearing a construction helmet). I think the best photo of your girl is curled on the hardwood floor in just a diaper. So good. xox

Fizi said...

This is so funny. The creativity and inventiveness behind it all make you wonder where she is heading in life; what gifts and talents she has. She will certainly keep you sharp and alert. I also love the photo of her in just the nappy whilst lying on the floor.

Katie in Austin said...

I think Maddie is absolutely brilliant, a sweet adventurer--how incredibly, amazingly secure does one have to be to decide it's safe enough to sleep in the hallway? Wildly, wonderfully exploratorium-oriented, and with so much trust. You guys are certainly doing something very right. (And writing/photographing it in your special way, guaranteed to enchant! Thank you!)

Mom on the Move! said...

This cracks me up! But at least she's sleeping...