Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tricks, Then Treats

On Saturday, before we headed out to a Halloween party, we took some practice pictures of the kids in their costumes. Of course, Jillson insisted on using her usual "smile:"

and Madelyn was deeply upset that we wouldn't let her bring her trick-or-treating bag to the party:

Thankfully, on actual Halloween, the girls were all smiles.

"Let's get out of here!" the good witch proclaimed.

And they were off:

All the while, our littlest trickster was like this upstairs:

Today, however, Bronnie obligingly let me put her in her Halloween get-up for a few photos. You know, for posterity.


Mom said...

She can SMILE!!!!

Fizi said...

Lovely costumes! They are so much nicer than the total ghouls and nastiness that freaked out Angus and Isla on Monday evening! Angus has decided that Halloween is all about "darkness" and doesn't like it at all. Way too serious. Pumkin fairies are so much better - and far cuter.

When We Dance said...

i really love the baby and the butterfly