Friday, August 19, 2011

From the Other Side

I am cleaning off my desktop, the one on my computer.  I often save things to my desktop so I can find them quickly.  I have a number of "LRN" files (Life Right Now) that I start when I need to brain dump.  Most of these are useless and can be trashed after they have served their therapeutic purpose.  

This one I thought was still interesting, three months later, on the other side of this move.  Here's what I wrote back in May:


May 13, 2011
It’s always a strange feeling to be moving, even when you want to move.  Leaving Germany was terrible because I loved it there and loved the people there.  Here, I love my house (though not in an emotional way) and I love the people here, but I am perfectly okay leaving Kansas.
At this point, we have moved into the condo.  We’ll be here for 8 days.  It is fine, but I always feel a little icky, a little too transient.  I was kept up by the sound of the guy in the next apartment coughing and then talking on his phone.  The girls are thrilled by the condo.
I hate the juggling back and forth between the two places.  Being in the condo, but still having some of our stuff at the house.  Still needing to clean the house.  Clear it out.  Oversee the movers getting the rest of our stuff out of the house and into the truck.  Watching our whole lives getting boxed up, compartmentalized, stuffed into a truck, alongside the entire lives of strangers.  There are three families’ worth of stuff on this one truck.
They packed all of our food.  Open boxes of cereal, open cruets of oil, open jars of peanut butter, every spice, every morsel.  So now I will cook without spices for a month, being too stingy to buy what I need again.
Jillson is bewildered that she still has to go to preschool this morning, even though we are not living in our house anymore.
At the house.  Maddie with [the Gutsy Dad] on post out-processing.  Jillson at preschool, going home with her friend Shawn.  Dogs still at kennel.  The packers all left yesterday, and we have just the two movers here.  They are doing an awesome job getting our stuff onto the truck.  It is going on two trucks this time, which makes me nervous.  The first truck already has two other families’ worth of stuff, also going somewhere in GA.  The second truck is not here yet, and who knows how many other families’ stuff will be on there.
I am wandering through the house, locating random things the movers will not take or have forgotten to pack.  A “HABA” castle block set the kids adore.  Now in a Ziploc bag to travel with us in the van.  A letter opener that Aunt Alison gave me for Christmas one year when I was about 12.  A small pair of red and yellow sunglasses belonging to one of Jillson’s Groovy Girls.  “The Belly Book” which is a pregnancy memory record book I started when preggers with Madelyn.  I only filled out a few pages.  Maybe I should notate those and fill the rest out for this chickadee.  A favorite New Yorker cartoon that has fluttered to the floor -- who knows where I had it taped -- tucked now inside the Belly Book.  A small collection of tiny seashells.  A few hair pretties.
Feeling lucky this is not an overseas move and that these items can be tucked into one of the cars and carried with us, eventually to be reunited with their proper counterparts.

That's it, folks.  Sounds to me like I got interrupted by the movers.  Or maybe I lost my internet connection.  Who knows.

And, for the record, I have NOT been writing in the "Belly Book."

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