Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life is Good

Just a quickie (since it is driving me crazy that my last post was about crying) to say we're hanging in there.  Making progress on the unpacking and settling in.

I am pleased to have found: a good OB/GYN, a hair dresser, a preschool, almost all of Jillson's school supplies, a dentist, an endodontist, an oral surgeon, a great sandwich shop/deli, a neighborhood book club, a great ice cream shop, a gym, a library, an awesome vet, and a good church option.

We are finding our rhythm with the Gutsy Dad gone during the week and home on the weekends.  This will last for three weeks, and we are in week two.  The house hasn't burned down, and we're all still alive.

Chins are up.

I am setting up my scrap-nook.  I am filing random papers as I unpack them.  I am trying not to panic that the baby's room is not set up.  At all.

I am still spacing on replying to emails and phone calls and letting people I love know that I love them.  I am just assuming that they KNOW.

I am not taking as many photographs as I would like.  I am not sharing as many photographs as I would like.

But life is good.  I love my house more and more every day.  It is starting to feel like home.  I am meeting new neighbors, new friends, other moms of many girls.

I feel I could be happy here for a long, long time.

(Photos are from July 20, and I feel as though my belly has doubled in size since then.  Must. Take. More. Belly shots!)


Mom on the Move! said...

You look great!

Fizi said...

Well done you. I know you will soon have life in control and that you too will know that. Your house will be ready on time for Diva 4; your boxes will be unpacked; Littlest Diva's nest will be feathered, and blanketted, and she will feel cossetted; and one day soon you will be able to drink a glass or three of fine wine, sit down with our feet up and relax knowing that life is so good and you too are loved.