Monday, November 30, 2009


At rehearsal for the Christmas Pageant after church on Sunday:

Pageant Director: And what would you like to be in the pageant this year, Jillson?
Jillson: A lion.
PD: Oh, I am sorry, I don't have a lion in the story this year. Would you like to be an angel?
Jillson: No, not an angel, because angels are not real. I would like to be a princess instead.
PD (winking at Gutsy Mom): Perfect!

The pageant director then spent the rest of rehearsal referring to the Angel Princesses. At one point, Jillson, who was also under the impression that Angel Princesses performed ballet moves during the pageant, stepped forward from the group and called out "Alleluia!" as though she were saying "Amen, sister!" at an AME church, hands outstretched and all. She was quietly ushered back to the host of little angel princesses by one of the bigger (i.e. crowd control) angels.

We could be in for quite a meltdown when she realizes that angels, even princess angels, do not wear purple tutus in the Christmas story. Stay tuned.


Mom said...

Just the thought that I might be there for the pageant makes me tingle with excitement! A chance to see, meet and hug my first ever Angel Princess. Well, Alleluia!

Natalie said...

I love it! She totally could have spiced up our Primary Program the other sunday, tutu and all. We miss Jillson! Honestly, I took orange tic tacs to keep my row of 5 year olds in line. Crowd control angels have to do what they gotta do:)