Friday, November 13, 2009

Let Battle Inbox Commence!

I've had it with my overflowing inboxes. Yes, plural. There's the yahoo account, of course, and then the "real" one that most of you use, you know, the one provided by my husband's employer. Anyway, two email accounts with roughly 4,500 emails in them, sitting there, undealt with. UGH.

Starting today, I'm attacking them. If your "received from" name begins with A or B you were dealt a mighty blow today. The keyboard is still warm from the heat of my rapid-fire deleting. Seriously, in all the "A & B" emails (and there were hundreds) there were only three I needed. (Two people with A names whose info needed to be updated in my address book, and one email for a vendor with a B name I need to save.) The rest are GONE.

I forgot to look at a starting number. But after my slaughter, the results are:

Yahoo count: 3230
Other count: 415

Next up on chopping block: C & D emails. Your hours are numbered.

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