Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not Yet

Having recently been chastised via email by a good friend, albeit quite graciously, for not posting in over a week and making her wonder whether something very exciting had happened.... the answer is no. I'm at 36 weeks and holding tight, as it were.

Sieby is the size of a crenshaw melon and still very active, though things are getting a bit cramped for her in there.

On Sunday, we returned from a whirlwind Tour de Family in the States. We were lucky enough to see all four of our siblings, their spouses, their kids, and the infamous Meme and Kiki. Whew! Fun details to follow. Okay, fun details POSSIBLY will follow, if I ever get around to posting pictures. I cannot make any more promises like that, as I am totally consumed by getting the house in order for the baby and decorating for Christmas.

I love Christmas in Germany, so you will certainly hear more on this topic in future posts.

In the meantime, I leave you with a few little tidbits:

-- The Gutsy Dad and I believe we have finally chosen a real name for Sieby. (You'll have to wait for the Geburt to find out what it is.)

-- A marder chewed through the wires on the Gutsy Dad's brand new Volvo, rendering all electronic communication with his brakes impossible. Sadly, this repair will cost about the same as our deductible. Sigh. (Go ahead, google marder along with crenshaw melon.) Ah, the cute, little, wire-loving twerps.

-- Our Christmas tree is up!

-- We have a few new inches of snow. (Need to get trekking poles to go with our new snowshoes.)

-- A recent chat with Jillson:

Jillsie: (pointing to Mommy's belly) Papa's udder dodder is in there.
Mommy: That's right!
Jillsie: (pointing to Mommy's right boob) And Mommy's udder dodder is in there.
Mommy: Um...
Jillsie: (pointing to Mommy's left boob) And Jillson's liddle sister is in that one.
Mommy: No, sweetie, there's only one baby, and it is in Mommy's belly. It's Mommy's other daughter, Papa's other daughter, AND Jillsie's little sister all in one.
Jillsie: No, Mommy, no. Nein. Papa is having three dodders. We need to get Papa more dodders. And Papa will get a new ring for you. And Meme will get a new ring for Jillson.

Okay, then.


JES said...

So glad to know there is a name. So sad to hear about the new vehicle already having a boo-boo! No better way to break it in!
Miss you and see you soon:)

Rachel said...

If there's a new ring involved you might look into it, I'm just sayin'...

Sorry to hear about the marder :( The clever Germans put a guard on our car to protect against such vermin. Both our immediate neighbors at our last house were not as fortunate (one had a Volvo, in fact).

Well, not much longer now! I can't wait to see her :)

ajk said...

Finally a new posting (not that I've been any better)! I'm getting so excited for you and your upcoming arrival. We'll be in the same boat with regards to sleep deprivation at least for a little while... Enjoy being a family of three!

Vicki said...

Well she knows so much more than we give her credit for. Woohoo more girls = more rings. We miss you gals and Mac. See you soon. I have been told dog hair keeps those damn creatures at bay. People swear by putting hair in their wheel wells and undercarriage.