Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Murphy's Law

I know it is, in general, rather tacky to complain about pregnancy-related issues, but sometimes you just hafta. Please understand, I am deeply grateful to be pregnant, I enjoy being pregnant, I know I am blessed to pregnant, and, in general, I find pregnancy to be a wondrous thing.


I am currently being plagued by random, intense soreness. One day it is the quads, the next day it is the shoulders, the next day it is the groin, the next it is the hammies, the next day the butt. I assure you I am doing nothing out of the ordinary. No crazy-long walks, no weight-lifting videos, no long periods of sitting or standing or doing any one thing. Just crippling achiness.

The Gutsy Dad is an expert masseuse at this point, and a very patient one, but I assure you he is just as delighted as I am by the arrival of our new "i-need" back massager thing from Brookstone. Loooooooove this thing. It's mean, it's lean, it's lime green, and it kneads the heck out of my back multiple times a day.

Next. I believe it is Murphy's Law that I now wake up--fully--some time between 4:30 and 5:30am, when the Gutsy Dad gets up. He has always gotten up this early, and I have always slept through it. Not anymore. Wide awake and starving. And, wouldn't you know, right around 6:45, I am exhausted again and ready for my morning nap. But guess who wakes up around 7:00am... She is not subtle either. You can't sleep through (even fake sleep through) "Mommy, I'm reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeady! Mommy, come get me! Just a minute, Jillson, Mommy is coming to get you down! Jilllllllllson! Oh, Jillson, you need a change. Wait for Mommmmmmy! Mommmmmmmmy! I neeeeeeeeeeed you!"

I do appreciate her attempt to get herself to wait. Now if only she would whisper it.

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Heather said...

Hang in there! Not much longer! We miss you!