Monday, November 24, 2008

Get 'er Done, or, Chores with the Gutsy Dad, Part Two

Riding high after the success of his silver polishing ("honey, this should totally go on the blog," said he), the Gutsy Dad moved on to yet another favorite chore around here: breaking down the cardboard boxes that periodically grow into large mountains in our garage. In my defense, I did do this on my own several times during the RLBT, but the last few months of the RLBT were riddled with spastic rounds of retail therapy, so Mount Cardboard was rather high again.

Zephie, who despises any activity that has to do with boxes because it surely must mean that we are going to pack up the house and leave without her, found this chore the least enjoyable. She quickly found a spot to plant herself, proving that she takes quite seriously what my father calls Golden Rule Number One: don't get left behind.

Jillsie seemed to enjoy herself the most, even though she got in trouble for ignoring Papa's warnings about dumping out the boxes. "Sorry I dumped the nuts on the ground, Papa,"said she.

"What? I'm innocent."

Zephie is skeptical about "helping."

Lastly, here is our latest attempt at an entry into the "Cutest Wistful Golden Retriever Pose" photography contest.

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Diane said...

That "Don't get left behind" rule is fairly universal in the dog world. Wiley has even jumped into the trunk of my old Toyota Paseo on top of suitcases, before realizing that the trunk is not big enough for a dog.