Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Naughtiness, Thy Name Is "Dotty"

Here they are, the naughty "dotties," as Jillson calls them. Most of you know about their latest shenanigans. This past week, I got a call from a neighbor letting me know the dogs were running through the fields behind my house. As I was not at home, the kindly neighbor rounded the dogs up and put them back in the house. I figured I must've left the back door open. Later the same day, making sure that the back door was firmly closed, I went to run some more errands. Upon my return, I found one naughty dotty, soaking wet and covered in cow-poopy-mud waiting for me at the front door, outside. The other naughty dotty came running up to the OPENED back door when I called her. They couldn't possibly have figured out how to open the back door, could they have???

Three additional escapes later (twice recovered by me, once by yet another kindly neighbor) this was the only conclusion I could come to. When I started to lock them out of the room with the backdoor in it when I was away from home, lo and behold they did not escape. They did, however, mysteriously remove one of my curtains. Tore it clean off its track:Anyway, Vicki bought this beautiful new lock for me, which I installed immediately. Isn't it pretty?Wouldn't you know that the first time I left the dotties home alone, with the new lock in place, I came home to find this:So, yeah, they can open the door, the naughty little geniuses, but they can't get out anymore! (And yes, I have been counting my blessings that they did not get hurt and that they did come home.)


Familie Barker said...

Oooohhh! Bad dogs! At least they used the knob and didnt remove the door frame ala Shadow...they do look cute sitting there with their "who me? i didnt do it" looks on their faces. --heather

Rachel said...

Scout knows how to open doors also. She learned it at the house of debauchery, aka Nicole's kennel. Their dog "taught" her requiring us to always lock our doors but that back door was always a tricky one.

I must agree, though, they look and seem rather innocent when I'm around them.