Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jillsie's Future Father-in-Law

So, originally, I was thinking Jillsie could marry Jacoby Ellsbury, but since he was born in 1983, that makes him roughly 23 years her senior, which is a little much considering the Gutsy Dad has declared that Jillsie cannot date until she is 35. (We'll discuss how this policy just might lead to me never having grandchildren another day.) In any case, when Jillsie is "of age," my intended husband for her would be 58, and that is just not okay. So, since Jacoby is currently 24, we'll give him 2 more years to goof around, and assume he can settle down and have his first baby boy, Jillson's future husband, by the time he is 28 in 2011. That way, Jillson will only be 5 years older than her future husband. They'll begin dating when Jacoby, Jr. turns 30 and has gotten all of his silliness out of his system.The Gutsy Dad adds the caveat that Jacoby, Jr. must also bring to the marriage 20 prime-real-estate season tickets as his dowry for marrying our daughter.

Fenway, here we come!

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