Sunday, April 1, 2007


I said I would, so now I have to. A gutsy mom does not go back on her word. Not to get too Bridget-Jonesy, but here are my numbers. Skip over this post if numbers embarrass you.

140's: My weight throughout high school, college, grad school, and when I met my husband.

148: The weight I was when I decided to diet down for our wedding.

125: My wedding weight. Beautiful, but hard to maintain.

130: My marathon weight. A weight that looks good on me and is easier to maintain.

150: My pre-pregnancy weight. How did I get there? Sometime I'll write about the job I had during the three years it took me to put on 20 pounds.

188: My highest pregnancy weight.

168: My post-partum weight.

173: What I weighed when I started this blog. You know how all the books say the fat just melts off of nursing mothers? NOT SO MUCH FOR ME!!! I was delighted that while my daughter's birthweight was 8.5 lbs, the fluid and everything else added up to a post-partum weight-loss of twenty pounds. Super! I only had to lose 18 pounds by myself to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Since I was breastfeeding like a maniac, I figured the weight would just fall off, right? Wrong. Lemme tell ya: the lowest I got was 167. ONE POUND. This was so discouraging that I began to gain weight. I got up to 173, had an emotional meltdown, and then began to get serious.

So, I weighed in on Friday to discover I am down to 167 again, which means 6 pounds lost since I started to apply myself, and back below my post-partum weight. Yeehaw.

My first goal is to get to 155.7 pounds or less, which would mean a loss of 10% of me.

My second goal will be to get to 150, my pre-pregnancy weight. I'd like to get there by July 15th, so that, as I always say, the baby fat is gone before I lose the right to call it that. This means losing 17 pounds in 3 and a half months. Should be doable if I stay focussed.

My third and final goal will be to reach 135 pounds, which would put me at the top of the "healthy weight range" for a person my height and age. (The range is 113-135, according to both my doctor and Weight Watchers. They must use the same chart.)

Anything below that is gravy.

So there it is. Here's the summary:

Start weight: 173
Current weight: 167
First goal: 155.7

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