Friday, April 13, 2007

My First Ten Pounds

Well, this morning was my weigh-in as usual, and I am pleased to report I am down a full ten pounds, from 173 to 163. Now I have fewer than ten pounds to lose to get to my first goal (155.7).

Another milestone achieved today: my 25th Firm workout. I am addicted to collecting certain workout videos. I had my yoga video phase, my t-tapp video phase, and then came the Firm. I bought the Transfirmer Series from collagevideo and then started collecting all the other DVDs from Ebay. When I got back into exercising in January I decided that I would make myself do every Firm video in my arsenal once before I was allowed to repeat. Well, it took me over three months, but I did it. So now I get to start the rotation all over again! I will have to up my weights, though. With this first 25-video rotation I used 2, 3, and 5 lb weights. Now I need to ditch the twos and use 3, 5, and 8 lb-ers as my light, medium, and heavy weights.

On a completely unrelated note, I was excited this morning to hear the hausmeister outside mowing. Knowing he wouldn't mow our backyard if there was dog poopy there, I ran downstairs, nestled Jillson amongst her toys, and flew out the backdoor in my pjs to de-poop. Thirty minutes later, as I fed Jills her breakfast, we listened to the dulcet tones of the hausmeister mowing our yard for us. My husband is going to be excited about that when he gets back.

I discovered today that if I help Jillson stand up, and prop her arms on top of something (the piano bench, the sofa) she can stand there for quite some time holding herself up. She wiggles and bounces and slaps her hands and eventually falls backwards onto her cute little tushy. She cannot pull up on her own, nor does she crawl or walk, but it is nice to know she is becoming more stable on her feet.

Those are all the good things. I should stop there. I am so mad about the bad news that came out from my husband's uber-boss yesterday that I can't even write about it. Suffice to say that if and when my hubby goes on another business trip, it will be for an even longer time. I want to scream every swear word known to mankind. So much for the family values my husband's corporation pretends to support.


Jon and Billie said...

Hey there-

Thought I'd mention this site to you since she sometimes writes about running....sometimes just about life. It's Kristen Armstron's running blog and I kinda like it. Anyway, thought of it once I read your blog.

The Gutsy Mom said...

Thanks, Billie! I'll have to check her out.