Thursday, April 19, 2007

My First 100 Miles

On April 14th I crossed over into my 100th mile since I began running again. This is a rather large victory for me. A small victory is that I had to tighten my running watch. It's now on the 6th hole from the end, whereas it always was on the 5th hole before. My wrist must be getting smaller. Another small victory: 3 unsolicited compliments regarding my changing physique. Halleluja that my hard work is beginning to be visible to the naked eye.

Today was my last run with a 4&1 ratio. On Saturday, I'll have to up it to 5&1. It'll also be a 3-miler. Hoping not to have the dogs or kid in tow for that double whammy!

On an unrelated note, here I am with the Poop Queen on Easter morning:

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