Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Tree

This year we went back to the same tree farm we visited last year.  The first order of business was making sure Bronwen was wearing this outfit:

Because it was the same outfit Jillson wore in 2007, when I dragged my parents out to a tree farm near Hilton Head to get a tree the day after Thanksgiving when The Gutsy Dad was away.  So that's Bronwen above in 2012, and Jillson below in 2007.

Jillson was far more willing to pose with the little trees and spent a lot of time running around, if I remember correctly.  

 Bronwen was not so easily coaxed.

She did not want to pose with her sisters near a little tree.

She did not want to pose with her sisters near the chosen tree.  She only wanted to be held by the photographer.

Phew.  That's better.

When we got home, we realized the tree was about a foot too tall, so the Gutsy Dad had to remove branches from the bottom and chop the trunk again.  Which reminds me I need to use the greens from those branches on our advent wreath...

FYI, the tree fell over shortly after this photo was taken.  No one knocked it over; it just went.  We  broke a lot of ornaments, most of which were basically expendable.  But I was sad to lose our art deco one from Vienna.  Oh well.  The tree is now secure.

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