Saturday, December 1, 2012

Mrs. Claus

Is it possible I really went all of November without a single blog post?  Of course it is.  Sigh.  

I think Facebook activity squanders some of my blogging mojo.  Also, the kids and the job might do that, too.

At any rate. It is December 1st. I am challenging myself publicly (to my three remaining readers, thank you), to do another December Daily via the blog. Hoping this will get those blogging juices flowing again, and I can return to more regular story telling here in 2013.

So. Today.

Today started early.

Today was the day of the Bridge Run in Savannah.  (It has some other really long name, but everyone just calls it the bridge run.)  I "got" to run up the Talmadge Bridge and over the Savannah River and then back again for a total of 6.2 miles.  (It was also possible to go over once for a 5K, or go over three times, the "double pump," for a 15K.  Glad I stuck with the 10K plan.)  The hill climb on either side is 0.7 miles long at a 5.5% grade. 

It hurt, but not as badly as I thought it would. If I had trained better and harder for it, I'm sure I would've had a much better time. As it was, I was pretty psyched that I did not have to stop and walk going up the bridge (except for the scheduled 1 minute breaks due to the run/walk plan I'm on), nor did my knees fall apart on the downhills.  I finished in 1:10.

And of course, there was a costume involved.  The morning started out cold, but heated up quickly (70's!). At one point during the race I managed to remove the long-sleeved black shirt I was wearing underneath my Santa dress without completely exposing myself.

While I was at the race, The Gutsy Dad took the girls to participate with Jillson's Brownie Troop at our Hometown Christmas parade. Now we're tackling some mid-day Christmas chores (bill paying, boxes to the dump, lights up, some decorating) and gearing up for the boat lights parade this evening.

The Christmas spirit has definitely arrived in the Hill.

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