Monday, January 23, 2012

Roly Poly!

Look who learned to roll herself over this weekend!  I put her on her back on the floor, turned around, and when I looked back she was almost all the way over to her tummy (just with one arm pinned underneath).  By the time I got my phone to try to take a picture, she had done it.  (See triumphant photo above.)

And then she wouldn't stop.  Here are a few more shots from her practice rolling session.

Since Jillson didn't roll over until she was 6 months old (and I think Madelyn was similar), I wasn't expecting this so soon from Bronwen.  What amazed me is that she nailed it so quickly.  I remember her big sisters practicing flinging their legs around and getting frustrated for days and weeks at a time.  But Bronwen, she did it once, looked around, and started rolling all the heck over the place. Go, baby, go! 

It's a long video, but worth it for anyone obsessed with baby development.  (Okay, that would be me and my mother.)  The video was shot only a few minutes after she had taught herself to roll over for the very first time. I love her!


Heather said...

that is awesome! i predict crawling soon!

Fizi said...

Congratulations Bronwen! Ken's sister learned to roll over early like Bronwen and then used it to move all over the house and get herself stuck under loads of things like a bed, the sideboard... Sounds like Miss Determined might do the same?!
Where did you put those baby gates?