Monday, April 25, 2011


Things the kids have said recently.

Jillson, in response, when I asked if she wanted to watch an episode of Dora with her little sister: Lay it on me, Mom!

Madelyn to me:  Hey, Babes!  Can I get more milk?  You cool with dat?

I readily admit that the Gutsy Dad and I say "Hey, Babes!" to each other all the time.  But "You cool with that?"  "Lay it on me?"  Do we really say those things, and, more importantly, isn't it crazy how they can pick up the vernacular at such a young age?  Makes me so sad that we are no longer immersing them in a (real) foreign language.  They'd be fluent by now!

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Fizi said...

That is hilarious! Thank you and your girls for making me smile.