Thursday, April 21, 2011

Please Excuse Me While I Brain-Dump

Moving always makes me go a little crazy, so here's where I stand with my annoying to-do list ("work" obligations and fun, social stuff excluded).

1) Bunk bed delivery date scheduled. (Adorable twin-sized bedding purchased and waiting.)
2) All paperwork, forms, checks, etc., assembled, signed, and sent to the right people for our upcoming closing for the house in GA.
3) Final appointment with allergist (the one here) scheduled.
4) Final appointment with OB (the one here) scheduled.
5) Jillson's fake birthday party scheduled & majority of decor and favors purchased.
6) Final haircut (with stylist here) scheduled.
7) Dates for the movers to come, scheduled.
8) Kennel reservation for the dogs for these dates so the dogs don't suffer too many nervous breakdowns watching our stuff get packed up again, scheduled.
9) Temporary lodging for the six of us reserved for our last ten days in KS.
10) Final housecleaning scheduled.
11) Carpet cleaning scheduled.
12) Walk-through with landlord scheduled.
13) Hotels for roadtrip to GA (three nights) booked.  (You have no idea how long it takes to find hotels along the route in non-sketchy areas that allow dogs AND have suite-style rooms that allow the parents to put the kids to bed and SHUT THE DOOR in order to retreat to an ante-chamber for post-day-on-the-road vegetating.)
14) Flights, hotel, & car booked for Boulder wedding weekend.
15) Flights booked for June/July Maine trip.

1) Finish handing out invites for Jillson's birthday party.
2) Order cake.  Get party hats.
3) Sort through clothes, toys, and stacks of paper to offload as much unneeded stuff as possible before movers come, and to reunite missing toy parts.
4) Finish repairing landscaping destroyed by Tiller.
5) Arrange childcare for the movers' dates as well as all final appointment (hair, allergist, OB).  Easier not to have them underfoot.
6) Pack for the temporary lodging/roadtrip/wedding weekend.
7) Empty kids' bathroom so it can be the "do not pack" room.
8) Schedule pre-roadtrip tune-ups (oil changes) for both cars.
9) Arrange dogcare for wedding weekend.
10) Purchase seasonally appropriate maternity dress for wedding.
11) Reserve dogcare for 4th of July weekend.
12) Register Jillson for school. (Must show proof of residency; no can do yet.)
13) Research preschool options for Madelyn.
14) Paint dining room and entryway, sun porch, master bedroom, and kids' rooms in new house.
15) Schedule delivery of household goods.
16) Unpack.
17) Have fence installed. (Waiting for stupid HOA approval.)
18) Install gas line & purchase gas range (insert angelic choral singing here).
19) Unpack some more.
20) Have baby.
21) Breathe.
22) Drink wine.


Anonymous said...

Being a to do list maker (and lover) myself, I love that you actually added "have baby" to the if you might forget to do that if you didn't put it on the list! LOL!! I would have totally put it on there too!

Fizi said...

I also totally love your "Have Baby" comment, as if you could delay that little event to a more convenient time.

Billie said...

I am tired just reading tat. Makes me realize how many things on my to do list are still undone!!

Vicki said...

Um can I say how much I love that your list ends with have baby, breath and drink wine!