Sunday, December 5, 2010

So Many Things to Blog About

I have blog posts stacking up.  This technically makes no sense, since no one is forcing me to blog at all, but there are so many things I want to share (mostly so I won't forget them).  Sometimes I am inclined to ignore my family just so I can blog about it.  Which also makes no sense.

Meanwhile, these 8 photos have been resized for blogging and have been sitting on my desktop for nearly a month so I don't forget to blog about them.  Enough is enough.  I forget all the witty things I was going to say about each photo, but in order to get these off my desktop so I can get on to blog about more important things, I'm posting them here and moving on.

I'm guessing I wanted to share this one either because (a) Jillson walked around for a long time in my favorite shoes without breaking an ankle or (b) I thought her mug was funny.

The below photo is most certainly intended to be part of my ongoing series entitled "Something To Do When You Are Very, Very Bored."  (Strip down to leggings and make a sleeping bag out of paper towels.)

The next three shots are from the Veteran's Day parade.  My favorite veteran took the kids to the parade--with a picnic--while I got my hair done.  (I joined them for the end of the parade.)

No clue why I wanted to share these:

The GM

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Fizi said...

The last two pictures are absolutely adorable and say to me a lot about the woman Jillson will grow into. Scary thought but there is something wonderful emerging...