Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucky Me!

Thanks to this nice lady, I won a beautiful necklace made by this Etsy artist.  Isn't blog candy the best?
 The turquoise flower is a clip that is removable. How awesome is that?
Be sure to stop by Avenue A (the Etsy store linked above) to check out the latest and greatest designs by this artist. Thank you Stacy and Angela!


Natalie Cannon said...

First off, nice hair. Way cute.

I clicked on the 'nice lady' link and when I saw the picture of Stacie Julian my first thought was, "she looks mormon". So I read her bio and I was right! Turns out she served a mission in Germany when she was younger. Pretty cool. You should try your German out on her. Anyways, I always think it's cool when I can guess someone is Mormon with one glance.

stacyj said...

Hey Tilly-Loo,

You are adorable in your necklace. Thanks for sending pics.


Renee said...

Congrats on your win. It looks so pretty!

Lisa said...

that is such a beautiful necklace! how lucky are you! I love it.