Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ideas In Their Heads

Jillson: Mom, I need a sorry.
Gutsy Mom: A sorry? For what?
Jillson: So I can be an Indian princess.
Gutsy Mom: Oh, you need a sari?
Jillson: Yeeees, Mom, a sari.

Exasperated by my slowness, she runs to my closet and brings back a pashmina, then shows me how to drape it over herself correctly, with one arm exposed.

Then, the little one comes flying around the corner, takes one look at big sister's get-up and asks "Is it pickle time?"  Without waiting for an answer she does her little happy dance while squealing "Pickle Time!  Pickle Time!"

I may not know what the heck is going on either, but at least I can't say it's boring around here.


Fizi said...

If we only we could all have such innocent joy in such crazy and fun ways! No idea what mine are thinking most of the time either - it certainly makes life exciting. Love to the Gutsy Family

Heather said...

Where are the Halloween pictures :-) ??