Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hilton Head Highlights Part Two

Settling in at Meme and Kiki's. The girls woke up and ran right into the Carolina room and found their respective favorites as though it were Christmas morning.

An "interpretive" version of a Jillson-original piece called "Mom is the Rain."

Nature walk at Fish Haul Creek.

Thousands of baby fiddler crabs just like this little guy. It must be hard hauling that huge arm around when you are so tiny.

Rehydrating & re-carbing.

On to the nearby beach. These are my first beach photos from the trip, though it was not our first beach. When we went to Islanders' Beach I was too chicken to bring the nice camera (afraid of miscreant sand), though I took some pics with the dinky pinky (my old, temperamental yet beloved point-and-shoot), and there are a few shots on the GD's blackberry. Perhaps you'll see them some day... along with the pics from Mitchellville Beach, or, as Jillson dubbed it "Sticky Beach." Got the Bob stuck in the muddy sand on the way to the water. It was seriously icky-sticky. But let's get back to Fish Haul, a very nice little beach, now known to our little clan as "The Rocky Beach."


Heather said...

Love these pics! Wish we were down there with you guys!

Fizi said...

Gorgeous pics - I love the bright pink with the green. Lovely colours, and good decision about the sand and the camera. I wrote a camera off taking it to the beach, but fortunately it was only a cheap one.