Friday, May 21, 2010

Incentive Dilemma

I'm starting to see some small results from my fitness efforts, and while this in itself motivates me to keep going, I'm looking to up the incentive. I can feel my resolve waivering a bit, so I need something else to motivate me. Something more shallow and tangible and instant-gratification-y than just "improved overall health," if know what I'm sayin'. I've toyed with the idea of various carrots to dangle such as an iPhone or "Lu bucks" (i.e. pounds lost = dollars to spend at Lu's).

But here's the problem: the purse strings are a bit tight right now, too. I don't want to reach my fitness goals while throwing financial ones under the bus. So I need ideas. Cheap ones. Calorie-free ones. Any ideas?

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Rachel said...

I was just checking-in to see what great ideas were offered. I'm bummed that you didn't get any ideas but a little relieved that I'm not the only person who can't come up with cheap, calorie-free rewards. I guess that says a little something about me, huh?

I am going to suggest a pedicure. I know it's not free but you can get rather inexpensive ones. You could also go to Barnes & Noble, get a coffee, and spend an hour (or 2!) reading magazines. Wow, these sound even more lame when I read them than they did in my head. I guess that says even more about me, huh?

You're so awesome and motivated! You truy do inspire me, Friend!!!