Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cocktail of the Month -- Meet the Vellini

Last month I re-instated a Gutsy Family tradition, the Cocktail of the Month. This involves choosing some sort of yummy adult beverage recipe, hunting down the ingredients (preferably for under $30 per month), and enjoying a special drink now and then with dinner or just because.

It helps that I have a husband who likes chick drinks.

Last month we had caramel appletinis, thanks to a recipe my friend Holly somehow snagged from the Blue Olive in Tacoma.

This month, we are featuring vellinis. What is a vellini? It is a vanilla bellini. What is a bellini? It is a marvelous cocktail involving champagne and fresh peach puree. I love a bellini, but I was looking for something slightly different and not in the mood for peaches, which are not in season anyway.

1/2 oz vanilla vodka
1/2 oz strawberry liqueur
champagne or sparkling wine, chilled

Pour vodka and liqueur into a chilled champagne flute. Top with chilled champagne.

Bliss out.


AdventureMom said...

Oh Oh, this could be a dangerous hobby for us to follow... are you going to post a recipe every month? (Hint Hint)
And it's great that Gutsy Dad is so secure in his man-hood ;-)

Rachel said...

Ahhhh...the Blue Olive. We lived in the same buidling. My husband was hit on there once when I was out of town (possibly because he likes chick drinks?) but that didn't stop us from frequenting them for drinks. Good times, good times.

That sounds like such a fun tradition! If this whole IVF thing doesn't happen in January, I think we'll join you.

Vicki said...

Oh my word!!!!!!!! That sounds amazing. I love all things "ini"

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