Saturday, December 26, 2009

And May All Your Christmases Be...

...WHITE! We are featuring perfectly seasonal snow. Let me see if I can get some Christmas highlights up here.

Here's the picture from our Christmas Card:

"Starter Snow" from early December:

Making sugar cookies from scratch. Jillson's first experience using cookie cutters on something other than play dough. Also her first time sprinkling on the colored sugar. She loved making them. She did not like eating them.

Christmas card assembly area.

Wouldn't be Christmas without a seasonal beer sampler.

Kiki brought a project for Jillson, and it went off famously. We made suet cakes out of peanut butter, crisco, birdseed, raisins, and corn meal, and hung them in suet baskets in the backyard. We've been enjoying watching purple finches, juncos, and cardinals ever since. I didn't realize we had such a great bird-watching house. Thanks, Keeks!

Last minute ornament making:

More pictures soon to come...

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JES said...

What?!! Didn't like eating the sugar cookies? What will we do with that girl? :D Looks like you have had a wonderful white Christmas. Love ya'