Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love That Kid

Jillson has a book in which, during snacktime, the bunny is served broccoli stew. So, when she presented me with a plastic bowl filled with little, green blocks and said "Guess what I brought you for snack, Mommy," I thought I was pretty clever saying "broccoli stew!"

But then she said "No, Mommy, it's not broccoli stew," using her best "mommy is so silly" voice, "it's block-oli" stew.

BLOCK-OLI! Of course it is.

I love that kid.


JES said...

That is the most awesome thing EVER! Jills is so smart! Give her a big hug for me:)

Mom on the Move! said...

Hey - that's pretty good!!! Punning at such an early age... awesome!

AdventureMom said...

I love that kid too... and miss her! Thanks for the smile.