Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcome to Cookie-Cuttersville, or, what I like to call "Same House, Different Stuff!"

We live in the Midwest now. Can you say "4H Road?" I hope so. We live off of it! And, we live in Suburbia now--the exact kind of cookie-cutter neighborhood I've always despised. And guess what? It's not that bad. I secretly kinda like it. Weird, huh? So, no, I'm not living in a renovated Victorian or Georgian with hardwood floors and gorgeous crown molding, but I do have friendly neighbors, a safe neighborhood, and a playground nearby. Not to mention that there is a new establishment going in on the corner, the construction progress of which I watch daily with much interest.

So, here's the house.

It comes with a deck and a fenced-in backyard.

And here is the portion of our tour that I like to call "Same Stuff, Different House."

Kitchen (with our real table sprung from storage; no more card table)

Dining Room (hello, Schrank, now filled with serving-ware and not scrapping supplies)

Part of the Living Room (please note our stylish coffee table and the cute, obligatory TV-watcher hiding behind it)

The Truhebank comes in from the garage!

I'll have much more to show you later, but nowhere else in the house is vaguely presentable yet. I suppose if I went and dealt with it instead of blogging I'd have more to show you.

Stay tuned!


Mom on the Move! said...

Hey - it looks like DuPont, WA! You know, where the MAIN difference was what color your siding and shutters were. Looking good, by the way!

Sherman said...

We approve. And note with pleasure the second row of pottery in the kitchen shot. Is Jills0n watching TV or a gas fireplace?

PS. The way the Sox are playing (0-5 for the week and no runs in the last 24 innings)our tickets will be worthless in Sept.

Heather said...

Looks great! hope the new establishment gets finished soon!