Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How Glazed Each Weary Eye...

Boxes, boxes everywhere, and not a drop to drink... Okay, I know that doesn't make any sense, but "boxes, boxes everywhere" is running through my mind like a mantra, and whenever I say "something, something everywhere" (which is surprisingly often) I have to say "and not a drop to drink" afterwards or I don't feel right. Even though it's wrong. Aside from not making sense (unless you are saying "water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink"), it is also a misquote of a misquote, which really doesn't make any sense. Yes yes yes, I do know it is "nor any drop to drink" but it never comes out that way when I think of it. Never mind. If you are following this, then you get major English Lit geek points from me. If you have no idea what I am talking about, just disregard, or go get some education here.

I am indeed surrounded by boxes. Boxes everywhere. Just when I was getting a handle on unpacking and processing our massive shipment of shwee from Germany, our storage items arrived from Washington. Folks, we have way too much stuff. I am trying to be patient. I am trying to deal with our overflow in the best possible way for everyone: selling or finding worthy homes for all our extra stuff, but sometimes I just wanna give it all the good ol' Heron Island float test and be done with it.

I am feeling seriously ADD, wanting everything in its place and looking fab right now. I also am needing to find a good preschool for Jillson right now. She is very tired of her parents, and is asking to go play with her friends at school. (We went to church on Sunday and she gave us the Heisman as soon as she saw the children's chapel.)

So far I have visited two preschools. One feels slightly better than the other, but neither feels awesome. This is so different from our experience overseas, where we walked into Jillson's Kindergarten and knew within 30 seconds that it was perfect for her. I am hoping to get the "I just know this is my wedding dress" feeling from the next place. The website is most promising. And pressure is on because spots are filling up at every preschool and patience is running out at home.

I know instead of listening to me whine you'd probably rather see pictures from our vacation, Jillson's birthday, our new home, or our first weekend on the lake here in Kansas, but you'll just have to wait. The boxes beckon...


Heather said...

Good luck with unpacking and the pre-school search! would love to see some pics of your new place when you have time.

Anonymous said...

True confessions from your father.

The problem of too much stuff and too many boxes never ends. And there is another eternal problem area.

When we moved from Syracuse to Lakeville, we had to rent an extra van; it seems we had too much stuff for the U-Haul we rented. For six years after I graduated from college, Primus kept some stuff of mine at School Street. He also said we could have certain pieces of furniture for our home in Lakeville. I stalled going up to Concord to pick the stuff up. Finally, when he decided they were downsizing and moving to New London, he gave me 1 week right in the middle of a spring term to go pick it up or else. He was serious. No amount of "Now Jimmy..." from Nana was going to get me out of this mess. This was during the gasoline shortage in the 1970's, and the only truck I could borrow, had a leaky fuel line and actually leaked gas steadily. No gas staions open anywhere. SO I took extra cans of gas in the back of the truck. Your husband would have had no trouble blowing this rig up at all. But I managed to tie everything into and onto this beat up pick up with clothesline rope and get it safely back to Lakville. I looked a little out of place driving onto campus with all the Volvos, Mercedes and Beemers around.
When it came time to retire from Hotchkiss, our overage solution was to buy another house in a foreign country and drive the better part of a houseload of furniture,clothes and wall decorations to Canada in an ancient U-haul with a cracked windshield.
When we moved to HHI, we stored all kinds of stuff in the garage until David, our new lawn guy and house watcher, told us we had to clear the crap out of the garage and make room for two cars because with a car always in the driveway, no one could see the nice work he was doing with out shrubs and flowers. If we had said no, David is the kind of guy who would make the decisions for us. He is the same guy who brought over that new secretariat to replace Mom's desk and help her get better organized, and a drop leaf table for me that his partner also couldn't bear to part with.

When we get home this fall having converted our Carolina Room into a real room from a storage room, we will once again be making some decisions about where to put stuff and what has to go. David has already told uys how to arrange the dining table.
Oh and once you get the boxes and extra chairs disposed of there comes the dirty little question, as you well know, of window treatments. I have solved that problem by approving whatever your mother wants to do and doing whatever she tells me to do.
For all of your sakes, I hope that you can find a pre-school for Diva 3. What? you are not into homeschooling out there.
Love, 2

S said...

both of my kids went to Jack and Jill. I think it was off 6th road but not so sure. It has been 4 years since we left Leavenworth. They both went 5 half days mornings as they were used to it from Germany as well and I cried after the first check compare to the german price.