Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dear Young [Man Who Does What My Husband Does for a Living],

When you are carrying packages out of the mail room in such a manner that you cannot see where you are going and you walk right into my daughter, knocking her on her a$$ so that she is splayed out on the floor and her head makes an audible clunk when it hits the deck, do not look at me like I am in your way when I put the baby's carseat down to comfort my startled and injured older child.

Let me remind you that your job description includes service to others and being gentlemanly. So the next time you floor a person who doesn't even come up to your waist because you were not looking where you were going, try not to look so annoyed.

You didn't apologize, you didn't move, you didn't offer to do a damn thing. Way to represent.

The Gutsy Mom


Mom on the Move! said...

We should add a line in there about language while you are at it! I know my child has heard her fair share of four letters words but if she ever drops the 'F-bomb' it will be cause she heard it in the mail room or shoppette or PX!

The Gutsy Mom said...

What bugs me is that I didn't give the guy a piece of my mind. Without even thinking, I said to Jillsie "Oh, that's why we have to watch where we are going!" and she mumbled through her tears, while still flat out on the ground, " we can be safe." Seriously. When an almost 3-year-old has a better grasp on manners than a young man who is supposed to be a model citizen, it's a bit sad. I do tell the guys to "save it for the motor pool" when I hear foul language... but what to say to their wives who curse up a storm in the baking aisle, in front of my kids and theirs, because there are no more chocolate chips?

Rachel said...

This is not surprising but still infuriating. I'm glad you're all okay. I would also be upset and especially so if I didn't get a chance to 'share my thoughts' with the young man. I'm pretty sure TOIAW would have been upset if I didn't call him immediately so he could share his thoughts as well.

The langage thing is something I NEVER let go. It's not such a big deal here but it was there and I always said something regardless of the offender's gender.

AdventureMom said...

Hear Hear!!!

Sue said...

Yes and something should be said. These are our future leaders that they are cursing in front of. Do they not realize that it only takes a small exposure to this behavior to have an impact on the young ones. They should be ashamed of themselves as to the example they are setting. What happened to watching our behavior in public.