Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The RLBT Looms

After two incredible weeks of vacation at my favorite place on this earth, we are back home, and the dreaded countdown to the Ridiculously Long Business Trip (RLBT) has begun. We are talking next week, people.

There is much I want to say and share, and boy have I got some pictures stored up that I need to slap on up here, but my computer time must be limited due to this craziness called vestibular neuritis. It started 5 days ago, and it is making me a little cuckoo. I will describe it at length when time and focus permit, but until then just cut out the Gutsy and call me the Dizzy Mom.

Dizzy, dizzy all the time. We are talking permanent (but slowly fading) vertigo. So as we approach the RLBT I am completely un-myself, I can barely think straight, I cannot drive, and I can accomplish almost nothing.

xoxo Dizz

1 comment:

Vicki said...

Hey girl,
I'll be back soon, taxi service in the minivan awaits you.
Can't wait for pics and stories. Much love, hugs to all,