Friday, May 4, 2007

Welcome to the "Family"

In a newsletter filled with assorted items pertaining to my husband's job, I just read a letter from my husband's uber-boss, in which the uber-boss thanked all of us "Family" members for supporting our spouses. I sat there thinking, "What's an educated man like my husband's uber-boss doing capitalizing the word Family throughout his letter?" How bizarre!

Then I scrolled down a little further and read this item, which is official guidance from my husband's employer. I've had to change some words, but this is no joke.

Capitalize the Word "Family" in All [Official] Correspondence
The Director of [My Husband's Employer's] Staff (D[MHE]S) recently sent a message requesting widest dissemination. In the message, the D[MHE]S stated that in recognition of the fact that [My Husband's Employer's] Families are a key component of readiness, and shoulder a great burden of sacrifice, supporting their [husbands and wives] and often enduring long periods of separation from their loved ones, effective immediately, the word "Families" will be capitalized in all [My Husband's Employer's] correspondence.

Thank God we're finally getting the recognition we deserve, a recognition, mind you, that the Germans afford to every single noun in their language, but we Americans reserve for the very few, such as God, Harvard, My Husband's Employer, Jesus, and, now, Family.

It's bad enough that my sweetheart is being sent away on absurdly long business trips, but now my reward for enduring it is the official sanctioning of grammatical errors. Great. Drive the knife in deeper, boys, the Gutsy Mom is bleeding!

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