Saturday, May 19, 2012

Skype Dates

Thank God for technology.  Modern BTs are so much easier than those of generations past.  We don't have to wait weeks and months for letters to travel the globe.  We can set dates to "meet" on our various electronic devices.  

Overheard today:  "Papa, are you just on the other side of the trees?"  "No, the other side of the world, Madelyn."  "Cause I am looking through the trees for you and I do not see you yet."

 "Papa, can I see your room where you sleep?"

"Papa, what did you have for dinner?"  "Lasagna."  "Lasagna?  They have lasagna over there?  I want lasagna."

After we hung up, Jillson said "I wish Papa could just burst right through the phone and hug us for real."  Me, too, sweetie.  Me, too!


Hilary said...

These are such great photos! I hope Daddy comes home soon. xox

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