Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Yes, We're All Still Okay

Oh, how I wish I had the energy to blog more often.  Please understand, I am not complaining.  (Well, maybe I am, but...)  I am willing to sacrifice all sorts of things (feeling well, my physical shape, my sanity) for the sake of having one more little peanut to call my own. I am just missing my old levels of energy.

The fatigue and nausea are relentless.

After preschool today, Jillson's teacher pulled me aside to tell me that Jillson has been really slow to get her things accomplished at school.  Everything from coloring a page to walking across the playground is taking her forever.  Apparently, she is staring into space, contentedly smiling at her friends, or just getting lost in her own imagination a bit too much.  The teacher asked me if I had any idea why Jillson might be acting this way.  All I could think of (but did not say) was that she is just imitating her mother's recent space cadet behavior.*

At the moment, going to the gym is my priority, and that's sometimes all I can handle in a day.  The rest of the day I seem to have very little to show for my efforts, and this is frustrating for someone who (a) loves to get things done and (b) chose the word MOTIVATE to get her through the year.  Let me tell you, there is no amount of motivation that can get my exhausted butt off the couch some days.

I am just about 16 weeks along, and I am desperately hoping that by 20 weeks I will experience some of that fabled "second trimester energizer bunny" stuff.

Enough whining.

Our Spring Break car trip extravaganza was, on many levels, successful.  The kids were pretty awesome with the long days in the car.  My parents were pretty awesome with their long days watching the kids.  And our real estate agent also turned out to be pretty awesome.  I am ready for some coastal living, sun dresses, sun hats, flip flops, and sweet tea.

And for the unapologetic return of the term y'all to my vocabulary.

With no elegant segue whatsoever, I now present to you a few photographic highlights from Spring Break. (Click on any photo to see a larger, properly framed version. For some reason, Blogger is chopping these off.)

Helping water the plants at Meme and Kiki's:

A trip to the Salty Dog:

A few shots of our soon-to-be (if all goes well at the closing) home:

And, finally, the gratuitous beach shots:

Much love & sunshine,
The Gutsy Mom.

*I did speak with Jillson about her recent "slowness" at preschool, and Jillson explained that she tries to get her brain to do things more quickly, but that her brain is just so bossy sometimes and it tells her to do things slowly. We talked about how to overcome this for a little bit, but the conversation was pretty surreal.  I asked her if there were other things on her mind that were bothering her, and she said she was just sad to be moving away from all her friends, and that she does not want to make new friends in Georgia because she will just have to move again. This makes me so sad. I know how she feels.


Carolyn said...

Gosh, it's nice to hear from you again, Margaret! And I LOVE the pictures, of course. Your parents look terrific, as do all of the McGarrys, and your new home is beautiful. How perceptive of Jillson to feel you I can understand her feelings. But she will rebound quickly, I"m sure ....especially with some special attention from those other family members nearby!! Hope you will be feeling better soon. Love, Carolyn

Mom on the Move! said...

That bit about Jillson breaks my heart! I bet she will make friends in record time, but you can't convince them of that now. Feel better!!!

Please Visit Me said...

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Lisa said...

lovely photos capturing your holiday! your new home looks gorgeous - I hope you will be very happy there. and i hope you are feeling better soon.

Billie said...

Finally getting around to checking up on people in the blog world :-). Love the pics and am a little jealous you'll be living in the sundress and flip flop region! Hope you guys have an uneventful move and Jillson picks up new friends and settles into the new life quickly. and congrats again on the baby girl!!!