Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dimensional Details

Selections from the first three weeks of "Dimensional Details" by Nic Howard at BPS. These designs are way out of my comfort zone, but they sure are a lot of fun to put together. Normally, I'm much more Zielske-esque and normally I wouldn't put so much stuff on there. But it's fun to dabble in it all.This first layout features adorable pics of Jillson (left) and Maddie James (right). I can't help but smile every time I see those too cute faces right next to each other.

The above layout celebrates the day Kera Grace was born. (The story itself is on hidden journaling -- an 8.5x11 page that you can pull out. See the semi-curcular tab at the top right that says "the story?" It's not attached to the page; it just hangs out in the album behind the layout. I love slipping extra things into the page protectors.) Anyway. Here I've practiced "water curling" to distress the papers around the edges. I also sanded the edges of the photo--I know--crazy for me. There's tearing and inking galore, too.

And here is a layout featuring the uber-adorable Gabriel. This is my first attempt at using a mask. I layered on the background papers, then put down the mask (swirly flourish shape) and then sprayed on the light blue glimmer mist before lifting the mask.

These tags feature a "stamp & resist" technique. Stamp the image in white paint, then cover the paper with contrasting inks and stamps. I'm thinking these would make nifty bookmarks. (I just said nifty.)

This one is all about practicing layers and balance. My favorite part? The butterflies. Those started out a matte cream color, but after I got my paws on 'em they were a beautiful petal lavender with a pale tan shimmer on top, not to mention the pearls, oh I can barely stand myself. The journaling is part of the lyrics from a Woody Guthrie/Jonatha Brooke song called "Sweetest Angel," which I first heard when pregnant with Madelyn. It's my song for her, always.

And, on this rather sentimental note, I have something more serious to add. There's no easy segue, I just want to say that my heart is aching tonight for a dear friend who lost her father today. I don't know what to do to help her. But I have been thinking about family a lot today, and so I am asking any of you who read this to please do me a favor: whoever the sweetest angel is in your life, give thanks for him or her, write down a favorite memory of him or her somewhere, and--if you can--give him or her a hug when next you can.

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