Saturday, February 6, 2010


I don't think I need to preach to anyone about the importance of reading in general, but I do want to emphasize what a crucial part of Project ESCR it is for me. I used to read voraciously, but the older I've gotten the more distracted I've become by TV, computer time, kids, husband, chores, you name it.

But here's the thing: reading is just plain good for your brain because it exercises it like nothing else. And it's good for your soul because it forces you to sit down, relax, and focus on something.

I've been trying to incorporate more reading into my life in two ways: first by reading in bed for half an hour or so before lights out and second by using audiobooks in the car. The commute to church and back twice a week gives me at least 3 hours of listening ("reading") time on wheels. Love that.

The layout above includes lists of favorite books, recent reads, etc. (If you care, I think you can click on the photo to see the layout large enough to read the lists.) So my question for you is, what book did you love so much the first time you read it that you can still remember that satisfying "I just finished an awesome book" feeling?

DOon't you want to feel that way again? I DO.


Mom on the Move! said...

I can't get to sleep at night without reading for pleasure. Not parenting books or magazines, just a good book. I love anything by Pat Conroy and Diana Galbadon and too many other to name (those popped into my head cause I have one by each waiting on me to start).

Rachel said...

I LOVED "The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society"--I didn't want it to end! It was probably the second best book I read last year after "The Help." I love a book with characters and descriptions so real you feel as if you're watching the scenes unfold on a stage in front of you.

I made a resolution to read one book a week this year. I'm right on track so far! I am going to do a book post soon as well because right now I'm reading an incredible book: "Half the Sky"

AdventureMom said...

I'm reading more these days too, and happier for it. Yay! Also, your scrap pages are beautiful... you really have a talent, and I'm glad you're finding time for it! It's inspiring for those of us who are a bit slower off the mark.

The Gutsy Mom said...

MOTM -- I had forgotten about Pat Conroy. I LOVE him. I need to add him back into my rotation. Never heard of Diana Galbadon; must look her up.

Rachel -- hooray for Guernsey! I didn't want it to end, either. I've been on the prowl for something as good ever since. Thanks for the suggestions!

AvMom -- It makes me happy that you are reading more, too! Esp. during those blissful, precious naptimes. Way to go!

S said...

I loved the Mitford Series by Jan Karon. About two books into the series, I realized that life could and should move at a slower pace. Shortly thereafter, I gave up the corporate rat race to be a SAHM.

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks like we have something else in common! I LOVE to read and try to get to it everyday. Sometimes I feel like I never will be able to read every book I want to read because there are so many. I will have to move Guernsey up my list since you guys gave rave reviews.

Some favorites of mine are..
The Time Travelers Wife
Still Alice
The Secret Life of Bees
We Were The Mulvaneys
The Book of Ruth

You can check out my whole list at
A great way to see what your friends are reading and compare notes..sort of like an online book club.
I think you can find me under shelleycee37. If not, just email me at
Happy Reading!!

Anonymous said...

Oops, this is how you can find me at

Sorry, I forgot it was under that address