Thursday, July 3, 2008


Check out the public pool in Auerbach! These pictures only show the tip of the ice berg, part of the toddler pool section. Around the toddler pool are lovely chaises and umbrellas. Show up before noon and there's practically no one there; you can pick your spot. In addition to the toddler area, there is also a bigger kids pool with humongous slides, a grown up pool, and an olympic sized lap pool. Then there is the large grassy park, the beautiful changing rooms and locker area, a playground/sand play area, and a fantastic imbiss area serving pommes and burgers and beer and whatnot. All this for 3 Euro. Bring your beach bag and stay all day. Go home, take a nap, come back (no re-entry fee). You gotta love Germany.

Here are Jillson and her friend Marion (15 mos), enjoying the toddler pools. Jills was a bit nervous about the deeper pools (we're going to need some floaties to help boost confidence), but she loved the wading areas.

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